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Holly Williams, RYT500

I studied EmbodiYoga and Breath Pranayama at the Sangha Yoga/Red Lotus Aspara Yoga School (RYT200) with Becky Morrissey and Lisa Clark. I am motivated to study yoga by looking at pain associated with the aging body and applications of movement through slow, mindful asana, breath/meditation, and restoration.


I first started doing power yoga to maintain an active lifestyle and “get a good work-out” with heavy and fast vinyasa. My practice evolved into wanting to learn more about the ancient teachings of yoga, and I discovered a world of physical and mental healing. I like to stay low and slow, connecting the mind and body with breath and movement.


My classes will honor you where you are and offer modifications based on your needs at the time. 

Holly's Class: 

Mondays 7-8 pm  Slow & Low Embodied Flow 

Class fees by donation

Suitable for everyone! Questions for Holly:, Becky will forward. 

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