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An Invitation to Nest Your Teaching Vision:

Sangha's Cooperative Teaching Model 


Sangha Teachers 

are Life-Long Students, 


The teachers who offer classes and workshops at Sangha are continually training and learning with their teachers. Our "student-ness" is the root of any teaching practice we may be exploring and offering at the time. You will find a collaborative spirit in Sangha's classes, with empathic, experienced, and useful instruction

you can make your own.  

There is no such teacher as a fully trained yoga teacher. There is no such thing as a yoga

expert or yoga expertise.


Yoga is a life-learning, life-loving perspective learned with every personal practice we do.

It's daily learning, guided by continual training.


Yoga has many, many teachers and fewer students these days. The yoga teaching practitioners who can meet you as a student and as a teacher are the teachers to gravitate to, and you will find them at Sangha

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How We do Yoga Business:

Intention, Cooperation, and Ethics

Sangha Yoga began offering yoga experiences in 2013. We are a collective of professional yoga educators who rent an intentional yoga space as a community, a Sangha (song-gah). 


This intentionality makes a big difference to you as a yoga student in terms of the quality of yoga experiences, and for the teachers in terms of the level of professionalism they can provide within the classes. 

Sangha has no MindBody signups, no monthly passes through the studio: simply pay the teacher at the door. Classes are $10, or some are by donation. When the student pays the teacher directly, who rents the space from Sangha for a minimal fee, the teacher is directly compensated for their expertise, and the space is able to maintain itself simply, consistently and fairly. 


This is how yoga studios have worked for years, avoiding hidden costs (like pre-registration platforms) and high priced classes. But most importantly, this system avoids teachers not being compensated fairly, or paid at all. Unfortunately this is becoming much more of a problem in today's commercial yoga business

model, which can not sustain itself much longer. 

Teachers can only be as competent as the business model supporting them. A competent space with teachers sharing what they love can be done with a reasonable, fair, and inspired plan. At Sangha, we hold this kind of space and vision. Other yogin-focused offerings are doing so as well in Cincinnati. Cincinnati is a great place to yoga! 


Sangha is fully appointed with therapeutic yoga bolsters, blankets, block, straps, wedges, gertie balls, eye pillows, gravity blankets, and more. We use them to provide support to the body's natural organization. Sangha teachers offer a practice to intuitively center, sequence, restore, and repattern a student's somatic experience for conscious, constructive mindfulness and presence. Once learned, we can take this into our lives for use anytime, anywhere.


Life-long learning community is part of yoga at Sangha. 

All of our classes are appropriate for general yoga practitioners, new to yoga, yoga re-starters; anyone looking to have an educational, contemplative, evolving relationship with yoga as a practice of wellness. 

An Invitation to All Visionary Yoga Teachers:


Dreaming of offering a yoga class, workshop, or yoga teacher training of your own original design and vision? A space to offer individual sessions for yoga therapy or individual practice learning sessions? 


Have a group of students and need a place to nest a class, without economic or brand-ideology pressure from a studio owner?


Sangha (Song-gah) Yoga rents space to yoga teacher-contractors for classes, workshops, and teacher trainings.


Very affordable rates, space for up to 20 yogins, very well-supplied prop selection, located in the heart of Historic Loveland's restaurants, Park & Bike Trail, and much more.


Bring your Vision to Light at Sangha Yoga!


Contact Becky Morrissey:



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