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Click on Kelley's photo for link to her website. 

Kelley Kossanyi

Holy Yoga Mondays 6:30-7:30 pm 

I stumbled my way into a yoga class about 4 years ago searching for nothing less than a work out and maybe a few minutes of relaxation. Little did I know that I would find myself practicing daily due to the benefits of muscle straightening, endurance improvement, higher energy & mood, and most importantly reduced anxiety. 


3 years after consistent yoga practice I came across a Holy Yoga studio and my entire outlook on the art of yoga changed. I was blown away by the ways in which I could pair my relationship with the Lord and my yoga practice. Following a period of great trials in my life I decided it was time to enroll in Holy Yoga teacher training, which I completed in June of 2018. 

Since then I have picked up my mat and sought to lead others in Yoga, demonstrating the ways in which the practice has been redeemed by our Father and can be exercised in a grace abounding environment. I trust that as you go about your very own practice you will find the Spirit on your mat surrounded by community and fellowship. 

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