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Sangha Yoga Studio's logo has much symbolism in its design and we thought we'd share it with you. The logo itself is a result of an organic discussion between its founding stewards and Pam Painter, a graphic artist and yogini, about the intention of this sacred space.


In fact, the entire logo creation was an intuitively led collaboration of three of Sangha's community members. Becky heard the calling of the studio's name, Lila saw the vision of the oil lamp while at Sivananda ashram and Pam beautifully interpreted the sankalpa, or intention, and gave it an image... a face, a form.


This logo was truly born from its meaning... community.


Sangha's intention is that every community member who enters is able to practice from the place of the deep heart, initiating within us, the sense of going beyond the body and mind, and ultimately experiencing the Infinite Oneness of Divine Light and Pure Consciousness. 


Sangha Yoga Studio is a doorway to enter within. Join us in your journey as we walk together as One united, yet diverse community.

About Sangha Yoga Studio's Logo

Sangha Yoga logo meaning
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